Keynote Speaker.


Intel Labs Europe


Fabian Oboril is a Research Scientist at Intel Labs in Germany for Autonomous Mobile Systems. His current research focus is on safe, risk-aware approaches for Automated Driving. As part of this work, he coordinates the SafeADArchitect research project. Before joining Intel in 2016, he received a PhD in computer science in 2015 on dependable design of microprocessors at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Safety Models for AV Decision Making

Addressing safety for future autonomous vehicles while maintaining a high practicability, i.e. not using excessive safety margins, getting stuck or not able to drive at all, is still an open research question. In this regard, the Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) approach, which is a formal parametric safety model, is a promising concept and is currently gaining lots of attraction. In this talk we will have a look into how reasonable parameters for the RSS models can be obtained from naturalistic driving data, the influence of perception uncertainty and how risk assessment can be combined with RSS
for enhancing safety.