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Opening and welcome to WAISE 2023, Organisation Committee

Keynote Talk


Challenges in Building Safe LLM-Powered Conversational Systems

Razvan Dinu, Principal Applied Scientist, NVIDIA


Coffee break

Session 1: AI Uncertainty and Monitoring


Contextualised Out-of-Distribution Detection using Pattern Identification

Romain Xu-Darme, Julien Girard-Satabin, Darryl Hond, Gabriele Incorvaia and Zakaria Chihani


Conformal Prediction and Uncertainty Wrapper: What Statistical Guarantees Can You Get for Uncertainty Quantification in Machine Learning?

Lisa Jöckel, Michael Klaes, Janek Groß and Pascal Gerber


AERoS: Assurance of Emergent Behaviour in Autonomous Robotic Swarms

Dhaminda Abeywickrama, James Wilson, Suet Lee, Greg Chance, Peter Winter, Arianna Manzini, Ibrahim Habli, Shane Windsor, Sabine Hauert and Kerstin Eder

Session 2: Assurances for Autonomous Systems


Towards Deep Anomaly Detection with Structured Knowledge Representations (Doctoral paper)

Konstantin Kirchheim


A Reasonable Driver Standard for Automated Vehicle Safety

Philip Koopman and William Widen


Lunch break

Session 3: AI Safety


Safety Integrity Levels for Artificial Intelligence

Simon Diemert, Laure Millet, Jonathan Groves and Jeffrey Joyce


AIMOS: Metamorphic Testing of AI - An Industrial Application

Augustin Lemesle, Aymeric Varasse, Zakaria Chihani and Dominique Tachet


A Group-Level Learning Approach Using Logistic Regression For Fairer Decisions

Marc Elliott and Deepak Padmanabhan

Session 4: Assurances for Autonomous Systems 2


Towards Safe Machine Learning Lifecycles with ESG Model Cards

Thomas Bonnier and Benjamin Bosch


Can Large Language Models assist in Hazard Analysis?

Simon Diemert and Jens Weber


Short Birds of a Feather Session


Coffee break

Session 5: AI Safety 2


Evaluating and Increasing Segmentation Robustness in CARLA

Venkatesh Sambandham, Konstantin Kirchheim and Frank Ortmeier


Structuring Research Related to Dynamic Risk Management for Autonomous Systems

Rasmus Adler, Jan Reich and Richard Hawkins

Community Debate


Plenary Discussion "Is the Last Mile in Engineering Safe AI Systems LLM-based?"


WAISE2023 Wrap Up

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