Registration and welcome to WAISE 2019, Organisation Committee



Safety Assurance of Autonomous Systems – bridging the gap between research and industry, Prof. Mario  Trapp


Poster Pitching (3 *3 minutes)

Three Reasons Why: Framing the Challenges of Assuring AI, Xinwei Fang and Nikita Johnson

Tackling Uncertainty in Safety Assurance for Machine Learning: Continuous Argument Engineering with Attributed Tests, Yutaka Matsuno, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Susumu Tokumoto

The Moral Machine: Is It Moral?, Alexandre Moreira Nascimento, Lucio Vismari, Anna Carolina Muller Queiroz, Paulo Cugnasca, Joao Camargo and Jorge Rady


Cofee break - Poster Sessions

Session 1: Standardisation and Certification


A Safety Standard Approach for Fully Autonomous Vehicles, Philip Koopman, Uma Ferrell, Frank Fratrik and Michael Wagner

A Self-Certifiable Architecture for Critical Systems Powered by Probabilistic Logic Artificial Intelligence, Jacques Robin, Raul Mazo, Henrique Madeira, Raul Barbosa, Daniel Diaz and Salvador Abreu

Session 2: Assuring AI-based Systems


Open Questions in Testing of Learned Computer Vision Functions for Automated Driving, Matthias Woehrle, Christoph Gladisch and Christian Heinzemann

Improving ML Safety with Partial Specifications, Rick Salay and Krzysztof Czarnecki


Lunch - Poster Sessions



Session 3: Uncertainty in AI-based Systems


Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification with Synthetic Data, Buu Phan, Samin Khan, Rick Salay and Krzysztof Czarnecki

Confidence Arguments for Evidence of Performance in Machine Learning, Simon Burton, Lydia Gauerhof, Bibhuti Bhusan Sethy, Ibrahim Habli and Richard Hawkins


Coffee break - Poster Sessions

Session 4: Safety of Autonomous Systems


RL-Based Method for Benchmarking the Adversarial Resilience and Robustness of
Deep Reinforcement Learning Policies
Vahid Behzadan and William Hsu


Key Challenges and Research Opportunities for Assuring AI-Based Systems

Plenary Discussion


Wrap-up - Best Paper Award